Why LaunchTec?

I have been in engineering all my life and thought that there must be a better material than spring steel to use in a launcher.

In my opinion the spring in the steel causes the rest to vibrate in such a way that it may interfere with the back of the arrow as it passes over it when it vibrates over centre, as shown in the video on the Development page

The material I am using, which is an Aerospace quality epoxy composite, has a much lower 'bounce' and so will settle much quicker than the equivalent steel rest.

LaunchTec Facts

  1. Fact  Launchtec blades have less chatter on draw.

  2. Fact  Launchtec blades will not rust.

  3. Fact  Launchtec blades are quieter than steel blades.

  4. Fact  Launchtec blades do not suffer from fatigue, so have a more consistent performance.

  5. Fact  Launchtec blades have no sharp edges which can damage a carbon arrow.


LaunchTec Results

  • On a reasonably set up compound bow the Launchtec blade is better in my opinion than it's steel counterpart.
  • I have been using one myself for 5 years now and have not noticed any variance in the rest due to weather conditions, I have shot in the heat and in the snow!! 
  • In fact Frank Maguire a GB Para Archer, won a team gold medal in the Bangkok world championships using a Launchtec blade, and to quote Frank " It was hot!!"