A few tuning tips if you need them

Tuning the Launchtec blade is very simple but these tips are provided in case you need guidance or just need to know a bit more. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us 

Nock height

Although the launchtec blade will shoot well set at zero to 3 mm above square I have found paper tuning yields the best tune.


If you were happy with the centre shot on your original blade, using the reverse side of a business card with one edge against the riser draw the inside of the the V of the blade onto the card.(See picture) Use this to set your new blade.


For the more technically minded..........

To prove your centre shot, set your sight at 50 metres, adjust windage so you are hitting the centre of the target.

Leaving your sight set at 50 metres move to 5 metres and shoot at the vertical edge of a small face, move your windage to constantly hit the edge of the face. 

When set, move back to 50 metres again and see where arrows hit.

Adjust centre shot so you again hit the centre of the target.

Move back to 5 metres again, shoot and see where the arrows hit.

Move windage so you hit edge then back to 50 metres and adjust centre shot to hit the middle.

Repeat until centre shot and windage co-inside.

You should now be able to shoot all your distances without moving your windage in calm conditions.(that will be the one day of the year you can't shoot)

To recap

  • adjust windage at 5 metres

  • Adjust centre shot at 50 metres

To make this as accurate as possible, use your bubble.